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Maximize your Amazon revenue with Lemur

Fed up with stagnant Amazon sales and constant fear of failure

Increase visibility, drive conversions, and boost sales

We will help your business navigate to the top of Amazon's e-commerce tree. 



Let us handle Amazon,

so you can focus on growth

Increase Sales

Fully optimize your Amazon Marketplace account and products

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Amazon Agency

Expert guidance and support

Increase Satisfied Customers

Optimization of ad campaigns and  ratings & reviews

Why Lemur?

We understand the opportunities and complexities of the Amazon marketplace by having helped over 250 businesses reach their goals. We are committed to providing tailored solutions and expert guidance that unlocks the full potential of your business on Amazon.

Account Health and POA Support

Full Account Set Up and Build

Brand Stores

Support with Pan EU/ US Expansion

Amazon PPC & DSP Advertising

Apply For Additional Brand Services In Brand Registry

Product Listing Creation and Optimisation

Additional Review Services (Seller Rank, Customer Reviews)

Inventory and Customer Order Management

Product Labelling, Prep and Support With FBA Shipments

“SEO” Keyword Optimization

Listing Productions

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Like a lemur navigating the jungle, our optimization strategies cover every branch of the e-commerce tree, guiding your Amazon listings to the top.

2022 Results:

Lemur E-Commerce Agency

35+ Businesses Optimized

£3.5M in Client Revenue

Average Account Growth 200%

If Jeff Bezos had a pet, it would be a Lemur.

Tailored solutions that will put you on the path to dominating the Amazon marketplace.

You're Stuggling With:
How We Help
Additional Support
Wasted Time
We Take Control, Manage and Optimise Your Amazon Store Using Our Expert Knowledge So You Can Focus On Running Your Business
Account Optimization Typically Takes 1 Month For Existing Accounts
Amazon Issue Resolution
Support With Unblocking your Account
Direct Access to Internal Amazon Support - Eligible For Brands New To Amazon
Poor Account Health
Expertise In Writing Plans Of Action (Poa)
Daily Account Monitoring To Ensure Prime Account Health
Preparing For Your First FBA Shipment
FBA Order Creation, Product Labelling and PCP Liaison to Ensure Your Order Is Accepted Into An Amazon FC
Inventory Management and Order Forecasting Lowering Storage Fee Costs
Lost Revenue
Average Client Growth of 200% in 2022
Increased Visibility Leads To Higher Growth
Poor Listing Quality
250+ Accounts Improved Over 3 Years
Listing Consultancy to Give Your Products The Edge Over Competitors
Poor Brand Representation
Get Your Product Reviewed And Rated
Set Your Brand Up For Success From Day One
Brand Registry
50+ Successful Brand Registry Applications
>£350k in Cashback Awarded to Brands Registere In The New Brand Benefits Program
Low Image Quality
Imagery & Listing Optimization
Zoomable Imagery, Product Use Videos
Poor Best Sellers Rank
Improve Position In Catalog
With Advertising Get On Page 1 Search Results
Wasted Adspend
Optimized Adspend From Experts
Positive ROAS


Our experts were

trained to grow your business on Amazon

Welcome to Lemur Ecommerce, where we specialize in helping businesses unlock the full potential of the Amazon marketplace. We understand that for many businesses, Amazon can be both a powerful tool for growth and a source of confusion and frustration. That's why we're here to help.

We know that your business is unique, and that's why we take a tailored approach to optimization. Whether you're just starting out or are looking to take your Amazon strategy to the next level, our team of experts will work with you to understand your specific needs and goals, and develop a plan that is tailored to your business.

We also understand that the high growth stage can be challenging, but with our help, it doesn't have to be. Our team will help you navigate the unique challenges of this stage, and put you on the path to sustained success on Amazon.

Don't let the complexity of Amazon hold you back any longer. Sign up with Lemur Ecommerce today and let us help you unlock the full potential of the world's largest marketplace.

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Lemur E-Commerce Client Testimonials
"Jack at Lemur E-Commerce is very helpful and knowledgeable.
Before Lemur, we had consistent issues with meeting the demand for our products, our PPC was not up to scratch, and we had some missing offers and promotions that we could of taken advantage of. Lemur went in and showed us the possibilities by improving some simple tactics which helped us massively. I would say, it was a massive eye-opener for me.
We scaled a lot and we improved a lot. It was a nice experience, we made progress in our marketing on Amazon and Lemur helped us to push it to the next level of possibilities. If you want to improve your stats and have someone there to look at your business, analyze, and provide the implementation strategies, Lemur is a partner you should look at."



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